Guide your customers to the right product with a few easy questions

Don't force people to become experts on filters and parameters. Ask about their NEEDS and turn product selection into an engaging conversation

See how the Bike Selection Guide works

This is the live version. You can have exactly the same tool on your website in just a few moments. Start helping your customers with product selection right now.

Focus on your customers’ needs, not product parameters

No more technical gibberish. No more tedious research. Give your customers the power to choose right NOW

Bike type

Say where you wanna ride and get the perfect bike type

Gravel, CX, trail… what?

Your customers shouldn’t have to know

Let them talk about their needs and take care of the rest

Bike size

No more worrying about choosing right size, just enter your height

Frame size selection is awful, honestly. Every brand has slightly different sizing. Customers get lost. Meh

We say no more. We can do better

Component quality

Equipment level matched to riding style

Customers don’t need to spend hours studying components

Just ask them about their riding style

We have all key components rated by quality level and mapped to riding styles

Enriched product data

We get product data directly from manufacturers, clean and standardize it. It’s all there for you, always accurate and up to date

A ready-made optimized selection guide

A massive boost to your website has never been easier

Ridiculously easy implementation
Just add a line of code to your website. We'll take care of the rest
Custom design
Guide in your design blends in with your website
Always up to date
All data and features always up to date, totally hassle-free

The right way to choose products.
Embrace the future
and don’t look back.