How Ramala increased their revenue by 55%?

Ramala, a thriving retailer from the Czech Republic, is a partner with 5,600 SKUs in seven brick-and-mortar stores across the country, offering an impressive collection of 25 distinct bike and e-bike brands across their expansive inventory. Only one problem: They forgot about their e-shop.

No change in traffic structure, big change in revenue

Before Outfindo, Ramala’s revenue came mainly from two types of customers: decisive shoppers, who went straight for the products they knew they wanted, and lucky browsers, who somehow managed to find something despite a lack of clear guidance. What’s more, thanks to ineffective filters, a significant segment of potential customers was leaving the e-shop without making a purchase.

Enter the Outfindo Product Guide! Outfindo helped convert this previously untapped customer segment by offering effective and user-friendly guidance, leading to an impressive 55% increase in Ramala’s revenue.

From awareness to understanding

Ramala generally had one of two types of customers. On the one hand were decisive shoppers who had a specific product in mind. On the other hand were browsers, perusing the e-shop without a clear purchase intention. The latter, a significant group in dire need of more shopping assistance, was not being effectively served—until the arrival of the Product Guide, that is!

With Outfindo, Ramala could finally offer some much-needed guidance and support to these customers, helping them navigate their choices more confidently and efficiently.

Elevating guidance: from 5% to 36%

Some of Ramala’s customers know precisely what they want, but many rely on category navigation, seeking out specific types of bikes. Before Outfindo stepped in, just 5% of shoppers used filters for decision-making. Upon implementation, an immediate shift was felt.

The Product Guide didn’t just assist; it converted casual browsers into committed buyers, boosting the percentage of guided customers from 5% to 36%. This significant shift occurred from quite literally the first day of the Product Guide’s implementation, marking a swift and significant transformation in customer behavior.

TL;DR: Give your customers a clearer, easier way to buy your products with the Outfindo Product Guide—the results will speak for themselves.