Make product selection easy with shopping guides

Ditch confusing filters. Ask your customers a few easy questions and guide them to the perfect product with zero friction

Stop pouring your traffic down the drain

Engage your visitors in a meaningful, zero-friction conversation and boost your conversion funnel right at the very top

Cut your bounce rate
Why kill your traffic in a minefield of hard-to-understand filters. Make your site welcoming and sticky using a friendly conversation
Engage your customers
Be the place where users stop site hopping because they can finally express their needs in a natural language and get super relevant product recommendations
Push your conversion rate sky high
By completely removing product selection friction, conversational shopping outperforms the rusty old filtering experience up to 3 times

„Wow, now I understand features
I never knew mattered to me.“

— David, customer in user testing

Ready-to-use optimized selection flow plus enriched data

We carefully build each selection flow, conducting user research, analyzing data, running experiments and enriching parameters with expert knowledge. So that you don’t have to.

Enriched product data
We get product data directly from manufacturers, clean and standardize it. It’s all there for you, always accurate and up to date
Optimized conversation
Extensive research gives us deep understanding of user needs in each segment. We convert technical parameters into their language
Ridiculously easy implementation
Just add a line of code into your website. That’s it. A massive boost to your website has never been easier

Product segments

We build every selection flow with special care. However, we will be adding product segments quickly