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Jana Dzurickova
Jana Dzurickova
The perfect tool for choosing a right product Pros: Outfindo is a minimalist tool, easy to use, great helper when choosing a bike (we use the version for cycling e-shops). The tool is constantly evolving and taking into account feedback from users. Cons: In the beginning, the tool had several shortcomings, which were eliminated during development. Currently, we don't see anything we don't like about the tool.
Ladislav Majtan
Ladislav Majtan
Reviews for Pros: Great customer support, good implementation on our system, constant update service. Cons: I have no complaints. We are satisfied with the app.
Radek Muska
Radek Muska
Outfindo user Pros: Easy to use, friendly for customers, great customer support Cons: I have nothing to say, I am satisfied with everything now
Karel Svec
Karel Svec
Karel Svec - outfindo Pros: it is the best bike guide I have ever used. Cons: it is very difficult to find any disadvantages.

Guided selling: Not just a buzzword. Ready for the inside scoop?


No filters, just simple questions

Forget overwhelming filters. Instead, your customers will answer understandable questions translated into product parameters. This will help them find—and buy—exactly what they’re looking for faster. Simple.


Drive your sales through the roof

Turn casual browsers into informed buyers. Our frictionless conversational shopping process outperforms filters up to three times, which, in terms of revenue, means only one thing: Ka-ching!




From Apparel to Appliances

Your product segment has met its match!

No matter the product segment—tech, fashion, or anything in between—our solution is your key to unlocking a seamless shopping experience. Our product guide can demystify even the most complex of products. Let us bridge the gap between your merchandise and happy, informed, and converted customers.


Turning browsers into buyers

By actually engaging with your customers in a personalized way, you can offer a human touch, show relevant recommendations, and turn casual site hoppers into interested shoppers.


Deep customer knowledge

An optimized research-driven guidance flow

We have built a deep knowledge of customer behavior and decision making. Our guide knows what questions to ask and how to ask them to help people with product selection. We combine customer research, expert knowledge and AI insight mining. All done and ready to boost your website performance with zero effort.

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No more tedious copypasting

Complete product data

Don’t waste your time managing your product data—we already have it all, acquired automatically in real-time directly from manufacturers. Always up to date, enhanced and human-friendly. Save time copying product specs and help your customers make informed decisions at the same time.


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It's Ridiculously easy.

A free trial lets you experience our solution for yourself. We’re confident it will help your business flourish. We promise we’re all about adding benefits, not costs.

Small retail site or enterprise-level e-shop? Doesn’t matter! We seamlessly integrate with both, simplifying the journey so your customers always find the right product.

You’ll be up and running in no time. Just add a line of code to your website and voilà—you’re ready to be a mean sales-generating machine. Your customers will thank you.

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