How Can OUTFINDO’s In-house AI Tech Overcome E-commerce Hurdles and Enhance Shopping Experience?

Table of contents:

  1. Why Navigating E-Commerce Sites Takes Eons
  2. Where Customers Go in Search of Better Info
  3. How to Deliver Instant Shopping Satisfaction
  4. The Challenges of DIY
  5. Which Proprietary AI Technologies Make It All Possible
  6. Where to Go From Here With Outfindo

The Challenges of Modern E-Commerce: Tom’s Story

Meet Tom. Tom is an eager shopper. Credit card in hand, he’s ready to find what he needs and buy it. But his tale is a bit more complicated than that. Will it end well? Let’s find out…

Chapter 1: Why Navigating E-Commerce Sites Takes Eons

Tom opens his laptop and excitedly navigates to your e-shop, ready to buy exactly what he needs. But what should be a quick and easy process for Tom turns into a three-month-long ordeal—and no sale. What happened?

Consumer behavior is more deliberate now than ever. One Google study shows that 60% of online shoppers are taking six steps or more before buying a new brand or product. Those steps include things like comparing prices, reading reviews, and visiting brand websites, among others. And while taking these careful steps, the cracks in the modern e-commerce experience begin to show: unexplained filters, indecipherable specs, inadequate product details—and no guidance on any of it in sight.

Online customer experience

Chapter 2: Where Customers Go in Search of Better Info

Frustrated by the confusing navigation and fill-in-the-blanks information, Tom is compelled to leave your e-shop. Not good. So where does he go?

  • Your competitor’s e-shop, featuring a more intuitive shopping experience
  • Marketplaces with a plethora of choices (but perhaps a bit overwhelming)
  • The product manufacturer’s website, providing detailed specs (but lacking personalized guidance)
  • A brick-and-mortar store, with the convenience of knowledgeable, in-person advice

Each step Tom takes away from your e-shop increases the risk of losing him—and those like him—forever. But it’s no mystery why he feels the need to seek clarity elsewhere when he’s using a glossary to find out more about your product. A baffling 62% of websites leave industry-specific filters unexplained—don’t be one of them.

Chapter 3: Outfindo to the Rescue – How to Deliver Instant Shopping Satisfaction

Fighting to make Tom a satisfied customer, you scour the web for a solution—a way to not only keep Tom and others on your site but also empower them with personalized insights. That’s when you find it: the Outfindo Product Guide! It’s an innovative tool that bridges the information gap, transforming the online shopping experience from dreadful to delightful.

Thanks to Outfindo’s Product Guide, Tom no longer has to parse through difficult jargon or decode complex filters—just human, user-friendly interactions from here on out. But there’s more!

  • Clarity of Choice: Each option Tom looks at has its benefits clearly outlined, helping him understand the impact of his decision.
  • Focus on Real Needs: Tom doesn’t get overwhelmed with technical specs anymore. Instead, the Product Guide shows Tom what he’s looking for, ensuring he makes an informed choice.

Now what used to take three months is done in just minutes. With Outfindo’s Product Guide, Tom is engaged, confident, and satisfied with his purchase. Happily ever after! Or is it?

Chapter 4: The Challenges of DIY

Now that you’ve found the Outfindo Product Guide, you might be thinking, “I can build this myself!” But there’s more to it than slapping together some FAQs or drawing up a simple decision tree…

  • Customer-Centric Conversation Flows: A natural, intuitive conversation flow will effectively guide your customers. You’ll need to ask the right questions, yes, but you’ll also need to ask them in a way that resonates with your customers and anticipates their next steps.
  • Accurate Product Data Processing: You’ll need real-time, accurate product data for your e-shop. This usually involves sourcing and continuously updating your data so that it reflects the latest information and market trends.

While you’re trying to accomplish this yourself, Tom takes his business elsewhere—and you’re still trying to figure out how to keep all your products up to date.

Chapter 5: Which Proprietary AI Technologies Make It All Possible

It’s not easy being a helpful product guide—that’s why Outfindo developed two proprietary AI technologies. They power our Product Guide, handling the complex tasks of delivering customer-centric conversation flows and accurate product data processing, keeping us at the cutting edge of e-commerce innovation.

We might just get Tom back! Shall we meet the AI?

Meet Beacon: Optimized, Research-Driven Guidance Flow

Beacon is intelligent navigation, analyzing and optimizing your e-commerce customer journey via advanced AI technology. It actively processes data from “how to choose” guides, online communities, product reviews, and more using natural language processing (NLP), enabling it to uncover patterns in customer behavior and decision-making processes across any product category.

Once it synthesizes all these insights with large language models (LLMs), Beacon can craft personalized guidance flows that optimize the customer experience, connecting your customers’ needs to specific products and building a dynamic, efficient bridge between inquiry and purchase.

BEACON - An optimized research-driven guidance flow
Beacon Tech

Meet Diver: Complete, Up-to-Date Product Information Management

Diver and Beacon are like two peas in a submarine, delving deep into the depths of manufacturers’ inventories to extract and polish key product data with advanced machine learning (ML). Diver is domain-agnostic and fully autonomous, seamlessly integrating real-time data retrieval straight from the source to ensure your product descriptions are always up to date.

What’s more, Diver can leverage AI to think critically about which products are suited to which customers based on insights from customer behavior analysis, providing your customers with a tailor-made and comprehensive shopping experience. You’ll also save plenty of time since you won’t be manually updating your product pages. Enjoyable, informed shopping experiences are right around the corner!

DIVER – Complete product data intelligence
Diver Tech

Chapter 6: Embracing the Future, or Where to Go From Here With Outfindo

Our rollercoaster of a journey has led us here: You’ve seen the light and embraced the cutting-edge technologies of Beacon and Diver, and Tom is back on your e-shop being helpfully guided to just the product he was looking for.

In this day and age, tools like these are essential for any e-commerce platform looking to revolutionize its shopping experience, reduce decision-making time, and boost customer satisfaction and sales.

If you’re ready to revolutionize today, maybe it’s time to integrate Outfindo into your e-commerce strategy. Get in touch and we can see just how our technologies can create a frictionless shopping experience that’s tailored to your customers’ needs.

Let’s redefine the future of e-commerce together for the Toms of the world—seamlessly, efficiently, and intelligently. With Outfindo.

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