Data Enrichment: The Key to Enhanced Data Managament

In the digital age, choices are abundant and consumer patience is wearing thin. Now more than ever, e-commerce platforms are challenged with not only attracting customers but also showing them the perfect product. Daunting, we know. But we can help!

Outfindo is a cutting-edge tech startup at the forefront of transforming the online shopping experience through guided selling. Our solutions empower e-commerce websites to offer personalized, conversational customer interactions, significantly enhancing customer engagement and sales. How? Read on!

Data’s All We Need

At the core of Outfindo’s guided selling magic is our deep understanding of customer behavior and product data. By leveraging AI, we analyze how customers choose products, and we can tell whether they’re just browsing or searching for something specific. All of this requires a comprehensive analysis of the following:

  • Customer behavior patterns to identify the critical questions and factors that customers consider during their decision-making process
  • Inventory data provided by our partners, including product identification pricing, and availability
  • Rich product data, including names, images, and detailed specifications

We have a domain-agnostic approach, meaning Outfindo provides effective selling guidance across any and all product types, from electronics to sports equipment. With our extensive data pool, we can automatically enhance product listings to ensure your items are precisely matched to a customer’s needs.

The Data We Need

Finding the Best Product Data

So how do we populate our guides with the most accurate and comprehensive product info? We have our ways…

  • Gathering inventory feeds from merchants to give us a baseline of all available products
  • Scraping manufacturer and retailer websites to gather detailed product specifications not typically included in inventory feeds
  • Utilizing additional databases and “how to choose” articles for valuable insights into consumer preferences and decision-making criteria

By collecting data from so many different sources, we have a deep and thorough understanding of each product—well beyond what’s available on a typical e-commerce site.

Only High-Quality Data Allowed

Without high-quality data, we’d be nowhere—it’s the cornerstone of our guided selling technology. If we want to effectively match customers’ needs with the perfect product, it’s crucial that we gather detailed, accurate product info. And it’s this necessity that drove us to develop Diver. We’re leaving traditional data scraping methods in the past and embracing a more innovative, efficient way forward.

The Problem with Traditional Scraping

Traditionally, to extract product data from websites, you need to create specialized scrapers for each data source. But that’s hard work—it’s labor intensive, requires custom scripts for each website or brand, and isn’t scalable or efficient. And if you want to adapt it to different site layouts or even extract a range of product parameters accurately? Dream on.


Say Hello to Diver!

Diver is an umbrella term for multiple tools, and it’s revolutionizing how Outfindo sources data. Its core tool—an almost omniscient scraper—eliminates the need for site-specific setup. All you do is provide the URL, and Diver does the rest, retrieving the data seamlessly, regardless of the website. We’ve made a significant leap from traditional scraping, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.

AI Paves the Way

Diver’s AI extractor marks a pivotal advancement in data extraction. Unlike the rule-based parsing ways of the past, Diver utilized large language models (such as the GPT series or Meta’s LLaMA) to interpret and extract product parameters directly from web pages. This now allows for the extraction of specified data types and classification of products simply by telling the AI which parameters are needed. We’re shifting towards intuitive, question and answer-based extraction, enhancing accuracy and eliminating the need for predefined rules.

Scalability, Versatility, and Beyond

Diver’s best qualities are its scalability and its versatility. Uninhibited by source specificity or product type, Diver can be deployed across any web page to extract data on any product. This scalability ensures that Outfindo can automate the collection of detailed product information from your inventory, directly informed by customer behavior research. We’ve streamlined the process—from identifying customer needs to matching them with the perfect product—all thanks to automated, AI-driven insights.

We’re leaving traditional scraping methods in the dust with our innovative Diver system, raising the bar (much higher) in data extraction and product matching. This evolution underscores our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to refine the e-commerce experience. We promise to make every customer journey personalized, efficient, and satisfying.

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