Understand Your Customers’ Behavior Like Never Before with BEACON


  1. When AI Meets E-Commerce: Discover Outfindo’s Diver and Beacon
  2. Dive Deep With Beacon: Explore Its Core Technologies: Scraping, NLP, and LLM
  3. Pumping Up the Powerhouse: A Step-by-Step Guide to Beacon’s Tech
  4. Reap the AI Rewards: Improve Customer Insights and Experience with Beacon
  5. The Future of E-Commerce: Succeed With Beacon and Our Product Guides

1. When AI Meets E-Commerce: Discover Outfindo’s AI Technologies

You’re a salesperson. You want to sell your products and make money. Your e-shop is brimming with potential, and you’re ready. But for some reason, you aren’t converting visitors into sales. It could be that your customers can’t find what they’re looking for and leave in frustration. One report found that as many as 86% of customers leave brands after just two poor customer experiences.

Fixing this can be a bit complicated, but first things first: You have to deeply understand your customers—their needs, their behaviors, their decision-making processes. You need to do more than just answer their questions and handle their complaints; you need to actively anticipate their needs and navigate them through their shopping journey. Unfortunately, you aren’t a mind reader, so what can you do?

Here’s the good news: We’ve decoded customer needs so you don’t have to!

You: I’d need to do exhaustive customer research to really understand my customers!

Us: Correct.

You: And spend days and weeks doing user testing!

Us: Correct again.

You: But I won’t have to do all that with Outfindo because you’ve done all the work for me, thanks to which you deeply understand customer behavior across all kinds of product segments?

Us: I think you know the answer to that... ;)

It sounds wild, but it’s true: We’ve harnessed the capabilities of our proprietary AI-driven technologies—Diver and Beacon—to cut through the complexity of extensive research and testing. A recent report by Accenture found that using AI-powered solutions in e-commerce could increase profitability rates by 59% by 2035. Embrace the change!

Diver focuses on real-time, automated product data intelligence straight from the manufacturers. But more on that some other time. For now, let’s take a look at Beacon...

2. Dive Deep With Beacon: Explore Its Core Technologies

Beacon is intelligent navigation, and it is emblematic of our mission to optimize the e-commerce experience. In a nutshell, it analyzes and optimizes the e-commerce customer journey using advanced scraping techniques and natural language processing (NLP) to gather and process data from various sources around the internet. Then, using large language models (LLMs) to synthesize all of this information, Beacon can develop personalized guidance flows that transform the customer experience, behaving with the same common sense as your customer. Beacon bridges the gap between your customers’ needs and your products.

Now let’s get down and dirty to understand why Beacon really is a game changer for e-commerce.

Outfindo Beacon: Automated Customer Behavior Research
Automated Customer Behavior Research

3. Pumping Up the Powerhouse: A Step-by-Step Guide

You may be scratching your head a bit by now, and that’s okay. The technology behind Beacon is a little... technical. So let’s break it down.

Scrape some data—a lot of it.

Beacon starts by employing advanced scraping techniques. “Scraping” simply means it systematically extracts data from various online sources—from “how to choose” guides and community discussion boards to product reviews and more—in order to further analyze it or integrate it elsewhere. Equipped with this arsenal of data, Beacon can comprehensively understand customer behavior and preferences across different product categories.

Analyze, analyze, analyze!

All the data that Beacon scraped from the internet is analyzed using natural language processing (NLP) models, which are algorithms that help understand and interpret human language. The data that has been scraped is analyzed for meaning, identifying key themes and decision-making patterns. It essentially understands what the customer needs to know in order to make the ideal choice. This helps you understand which factors most influence your customers to make purchases, how they understand product selection, and how they navigate through your products.

Let the ChatGPTs have their way.

The next step is to allow a large language model (LLM) to synthesize all this information. LLMs, like ChatGPT or Meta's LLaMA, are AI models trained on lots of data, making them capable of understanding and generating texts that sound human-like. This helps Beacon create nuanced, customer-specific guidance flows that are tailored to each customer, ensuring all the recommendations and information strongly align with each user’s unique needs and preferences.

Integrating the strength of all of these technologies under the hood of Beacon allows it to understand—and anticipate—customer needs. Thanks to Beacon, you will deliver personalized and streamlined shopping experiences to your customers, significantly reducing their decision fatigue and enhancing their customer satisfaction.

4. Reap the AI Rewards: Improve Customer Experience With Beacon

We use the incredible insights that Beacon delivers to develop amazingly helpful and relevant Product Guides. Our Guides help increase user engagement and boost conversion rates by enabling more targeted and relevant interactions. Your customers benefit from Product Guides that understand their shopping habits and simplify the decision-making process, enhancing their overall shopping experience. They function on the same common sense the customer uses, making our Guides a well-needed addition to any successful e-shop.

5. The Future of E-Commerce: Succeed With Beacon and Our Product Guides

We’ve come a long way in the e-commerce industry, and Beacon is here to push us even further. We all know that our customers need better guidance when choosing products that truly meet all their expectations and needs. And while it’s true that understanding the ins and outs of customer behavior may seem daunting, you can rest easy—that’s why we’re here!

We at Outfindo have done all the hard work with Beacon. We know what your customers are looking for, and we can effortlessly craft Product Guides for any segment, minimizing your effort but maximizing your effectiveness.

Discover the tangible benefits that our Product Guides bring to businesses like yours by checking out our success stories here.

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