Recognizing the necessity of a Product Guide marks the beginning of our shared journey. The next and more crucial decision lies in selecting the Product Guide that best aligns with your goals. The superior choice promises a seamless setup and minimizes the effort required on your part, enabling you to witness a swift and significant uplift in your sales without any further waiting.

Why did our customers choose Outfindo over the competition?

Experience real impact with zero commitment. 30-day free trial with our products.
Pre-builded guidance flow
You will get a finished product—we know what to ask. Approach: Plug & play!
Seamless Set-Up
No heavy lifting required—just your product feed and our line of code. That's all the magic, folks.
The Integration Challenge

Outfindo vs. Neocom – Where is the Difference

Opting for the right solution could be the key to unlocking swift sales growth and enhancing customer engagement without the demanding task of managing data or wrestling with complex setups. Ideally, you’re seeking a solution that not only accelerates your sales but also does so with minimal effort on your side. If this aligns with your aspirations, let’s explore how Outfindo and Neocom each approach these challenges.

The Outfindo Approach: Effortless Plug and Play

In contrast, Outfindo offers a plug-and-play model that’s not just designed for ease and efficiency; it’s practically ready to go before you can say “drive my sales through the roof.” If you choose Outfindo, the process is dramatically simplified. All you have to do is just:

  1. Upload your product feed: Provide a list of your products.
  2. Make yourself a coffee: Seriously, that’s the next step. By the time you’ve decided whether you’re a latte person or more of an espresso aficionado, we’ll have everything set up.
  3. Insert the code onto your website: Just embed a single line of code. If you’ve ever shared a YouTube video on social media, you’re overqualified for this step.
  4. Take a seat and enjoy your coffee: You’ve earned it. By now, the whole Product Guide is on your website, acting faster than it took for you to decide between a biscotti or a muffin with your coffee.


The Self-Service Neocom Path: Crafting Your Solution

Explore the steps necessary to implement a do-it-yourself strategy—and discover 13 compelling reasons why businesses are transitioning to Outfindo:

  • Start with a product data upload: Supply a detailed catalog of your product offerings.
  • Gather insights on consumer interactions: Understand how your consumers engage with your products on the digital platform.
  • Pinpoint critical purchasing influencers: Identify the elements that persuade the buying decisions of your clientele.
  • Align product attributes with consumer desires: Match your product’s features with the needs and wants of your customers. Consider, for example, the noise level of a dishwasher, a detail that might not be immediately apparent from its specifications alone.
  • Craft guiding questions: Formulate questions that assist customers in navigating the decision-making process.
  • Develop answers for each question: Offer responses that help refine the choices available to consumers.
  • Ensure comprehensive and accurate product information: Collect precise and thorough details for each item in your catalog. For instance, if the quality of a camera’s lens is highlighted in your guide, this information needs to be uniformly accurate across all pertinent items, underscoring the importance of data integrity and thoroughness.
  • Extend and clarify the collected data: Enhance the gathered data with valuable insights and interpretations. For instance, mentioning ‘Campagnolo Super Record’ as the gear shift system in a bicycle’s description requires additional context so customers can understand whether it signifies a premium feature or a standard specification. It’s like translating technical jargon into a language that’s easily understandable by customers.
  • Coordinate product specifics with guide responses: Ensure that the information about your products corresponds with the answers outlined in the guide.
  • Enrich your guide with extensive explanations and expert analyses: Elevate the comprehensiveness of your guide by incorporating in-depth descriptions and specialist recommendations.
  • Integrate the guide into your digital presence: Implement the Product Guide on your website.
  • Regularly refresh your product database: Keep the product details within the guide current and accurate.
  • Monitor and refine the guide’s effectiveness: Persistently enhance the guide by evaluating its performance and gathering customer insights.
1 month free trial

Still Hesitant? Try it first, decide later

Outfindo offers an immediate, no-commitment trial that lets you experience the benefits firsthand within minutes, not hours. Unlike Zoovu, where you’re faced with extensive setup work and upfront costs before even seeing results, Outfindo invites you to try plug-and-play solution free for 1 month. This trial is designed to demonstrate our solution’s impact on your sales and customer engagement with minimal effort on your part.