Stop wasting your time filling in product specs. One line of code can magically insert complete product data into your website.

How can you get fresh and accurate product data to your website?

The data is already in our database, clean and standardized. Just grab it and spend your time actually helping your business

Data directly from brands

As soon as a manufacturer publishes a product, we automatically collect all the important specs

Clean, standardized, enhanced

All parameters are standardized and translated. Key parameters are enhanced with extended information to help customers

Delivered instantly

Just pick a place in your product detail where you want the data to show and it's just there, like magic


The data is stored in one place, ready to serve you

Data daily acquired directly from product manufacturers. Cleaned, standardized, translated and always up to date.


Explanation and enhancement

We believe users deserve more than just a set of parameters. What is the impact of key parameters on product usage? Are the values great or mediocre?


One line of code to magically fill in your product specs

Add one line of code to mark the place where you want the specs appear… And boom, there they are! Seriously, that’s all. All your work done for you. Who wouldn’t want that, right?


Check what a Complete Bike Selection Data Set Looks Like:


Equipment quality score

All key parameters get a quality level score

The whole bike gets and overall score on a 5-point scale

Each point is assigned to a riding style to help users identify with the bike

THE single most appreciated tool by bike shoppers


Frame size converted to rider height

Bike frame sizing is a nightmare

Shoppers don’t know which size to choose. Or they choose the wrong one

We have all frame size by all brands converted to rider height span

Let us do the math so that your customers don’t have to


Helping the customer find the best value for money

Each bike gets a value for money rating

Bikes are compared within the same segment and equipment quality level

Super easy to find the best deals

And dozens of standardized, up-to-date parameters for each bike. Right there, ready to use, with zero effort. One life of code and they just appear on your website.

Save weeks of time filling in specs AND get a more helpful product detail at the same time.

Specs for other product segments coming soon.

Missing yours? Let us know, we can build it surprisingly fast!

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