Outfindo Tracking Code Installation

The Outfindo Tracking Code is a script that collects data about Product Guide usage on your website and helps identify which transactions were made by people who used the guide.

Installing via Google Tag Manager

GTM is currently the best option for installing the code, given its ease of use and prevalency among websites.

To install the code, just add the Outfindo GTM template and fill in the necessary fields.

1) Download the template

You will need two files:

Find the download icon on the right side and save both files onto your computer.

2) Import the template

3) Create the Pageview tag

4) Create the Purchase tag

4) Publish

All done. Good job!

Privacy and consent mode

Our code uses a cookie to pair interaction with the guide with transactions. Plainly speaking, we are trying to find out if the person who bought a product did find it using the guide during working with your site.

Privacy regulations consider this user identification and require user consent.

To comply, simply connect our tags to the consent you already gather from your visitors, falling under the ‘analytics_storage’ consent category, the same way you connect you GA and other analytical tags.

If you don’t gather user consent, whatever the reason may be, you can leave out this step.