Guided selling: What is it? Why should you care about it?

Back in the day, if you needed to know more about a specific product, you just visited your local shop. The knowledgeable staff with a wealth of experience would guide you through your choices, and you’d leave satisfied with exactly what you wanted. Things are a bit different now, and shopping for stuff online is a bit more complicated...

Why is online shopping a pain for customers?

Meet Fred. He’s wanted to buy a bike for some time now. He can do it offline, where he’ll either be helped by an experienced shop clerk or get a recommendation from a friend. Or he can go online and brave a jungle of filters, confusing specifications, tons of brands and bike types… What a mess! Everyone we know hates it. But there’s a solution: guided selling.

the problem

The painful process of decision-making

Deciding to buy something is not always straightforward and, on average, can take over three months. Customers visit multiple websites and get overwhelmed or lost. They search for more info and end up reading comparison articles for hours. It’s a pain. People hate it—and chances are you hate it, too.

the solution

Finding the perfect product with guided selling

An interactive set of intuitive questions asks a customer about their needs. Those needs are translated into product parameters. Those parameters show the customer what they want. In short: You do the heavy lifting for them. Don’t make your customers do extra homework, and don’t ask them what they don’t know how to answer. Make it easy.


of customers start their discovery online
of customers need help with product selection due to high product complexity
of customers prefer to discuss their choice with an expert

Filters, articles, and chatbots DON’T make product selection easy

Customer's Online Shopping Journey

Insufficient product filters

Consider the typical product filters offered by e-shops. They might seem helpful at first glance, but they assume the shopper knows exactly what they’re looking for. Navigating through a labyrinth of technical specifications requires expertise that most customers don’t have. This results in a confusing and often useless experience.

Outdated instructional articles

Sure, you could write articles about your products for your customers. But why would you? They’re repetitive, everyone does it, and the UX is painfully outdated. Plus, your visitors aren’t looking at your products; they’re reading! They’ll then have to remember what they read, go back to your products, decipher complicated filters, and try not to rage quit the whole process.

Too-good-to-be-true chatbots

We’ve all met chatbots in our online shopping odysseys. They’re not bad! They’re engaging, they grab your attention, and really good ones can feel conversational and personal. Unfortunately, they’re totally removed from your product catalog, and customers are burdened with typing out their specific needs. What’s more, they don’t serve customers who need time to think over their choices.

Impact of guided selling? Tons of money to be made

up to 55% increase of conversion on websites

is average customer usage of the Guide

of satisfied customers with guided selling

Easier product selection = higher conversions.

Thats it. Guided selling means happy customers & more conversions for you. As an e-commerce professional, you’ve mastered the art of driving traffic to your site. But what happens after the click, between browsing and buying? This critical gap is where many e-commerce strategies fall short. Missing piece? Guided selling. More conversions made. Same traffic, bigger profits.

So where do I start?

OMG! I’m gonna build a guide! What’s the ROI? My devs will kill me…

Yes, building a guide takes a LOT of work. But that’s why we did it for you! You can have a super-optimized and stunning Product Guide up and running in a day! (Honestly, probably less.) We’ll gather the data, you can evaluate it, and the ROI will speak for itself! No risks—just profits. Are you ready?