How to Optimize an E-commerce Businnes with Product Matching

Are your customers struggling to find exactly what they’re looking for in your
e-shop? Sadly, it happens.

But in this day and age, customers expect the best. In this case, that’s detailed, accurate product information so they can make informed, confident decisions. Don’t have it? Then they’ll move on to the next e-shop that does.

The problem is that matching a product to a boundless sea of data is daunting, time consuming, and frankly Sisyphean. Multiply that by however many products you have, and you might as well not even try. And not to make you even more anxious, but you’ll probably make some mistakes along the way, leading to data mismatches that could easily turn your customer’s quest for the perfect product into a wild goose chase.

Luckily for you, Outfindo can help! That menacing mountain of work can get done in just one day thanks to our solution.

Ready, Set, Product Match!

Product matching is what separates the wheat from the chaff, and your customers will expect the best. Good news: We’ve got the best. The collaboration between our partners’ product feeds and our database of product specs ensures that customers receive enriched product content, enhancing their shopping experience.

This synergy isn’t just about maintaining comprehensive product data; it’s about making it relatable and tailored to consumer needs. Not so simple, is it? It is with Outfindo! Here’s the cutting-edge secret method to our magic:

  • GTIN/barcode matching: This classic method relies on Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) or barcodes to match products. This is most effective for products with unique identifiers. However, there are limitations for items without them or in cases of data discrepancies.
  • Neural networks for image analysis: We utilize advanced neural networks to translate product images into vectors of numbers. This allows for a deeper understanding of the product beyond its barcode—it compares visual features to match products accurately.
  • NLP techniques: Natural language processing (NLP) helps us analyze product descriptions, leveraging language models to understand and match products based on textual data.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of these neat techniques:


Neural Networks: The Visual Translator

Outfindo’s solution starts with the visual translation of products. Imagine that each product image of yours appears as a complex tapestry of pixels. Our neural networks translate each and every pixel of that tapestry into a numerical vector language. (We should call Duolingo…) This translation process creates a unique fingerprint for each product image, and similar items will have similar fingerprints.

By analyzing these vectors, Outfindo can identify two seemingly identical products and discern their subtle differences—a nearly impossible task, even for the most diligent eyes.

NLP: The AI Sleuth

Now let’s invite some NLP to the party! Like an AI Sherlock, NLP combs through product titles, descriptions, and other specs to identify key attributes—like model years, sizes, or even battery capacities—with unparalleled precision.

This allows Outfindo to match products based on textual data, requiring astonishingly little to make a match. Gone are the days of drowning in a sea of text. With our NLP techniques, your e-shop will have effortlessly populated and matched product descriptions.

Keep Your Product Data Fresh to Death

The frequency of our data updates is pretty unbelievable—but you better believe it! Outfindo provides you with the most current product info, which is integral to maintaining your customers’ trust and satisfaction. Our system is continuously updated three times a day, ensuring our partners and their customers have access to the latest up-to-date product data.

Do you see it now? The secret sauce of our solution drastically saves you the time and effort it takes to do product matching. We’re saying goodbye to the traditional (read: outdated) methods. With Outfindo, you get a comprehensive, efficient, and accurate solution that you—and your customers—will love. And whats more: The installation process is super easy!

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