Guide your customers to the right product with a few easy questions

Don't force people to become experts on filters and parameters. Ask about their NEEDS and turn product selection into an engaging conversation

Live examples of some of our Guides:

A ready-made optimized selection guide

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Ridiculously easy implementation
Just add a line of code to your website. We'll take care of the rest
Custom design
Guide in your design blends in with your website
Always up to date
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conversation flow

Know Their Needs Beyond the Specs

Focus on knowing your customers’ needs beyond the technical mumbo jumbo (which they might not be familiar with in the first place). Keep it simple, make it human—find out how they’ll really use your products. We design questions so straightforward, your customers will find the perfect product in no time!

no more why

Reveal the Why Behind the Choice

Real-life, human explanations can guide your customers to understand how different product features will benefit them (or not) in different situations. You can help them connect the dots between what they want and what they choose. By the end, they’re thinking, “That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!” Click. Purchase. Done.


Get Rid of Black Boxes

Empower Users with Clarity and Control

Informed decisions make confident customers. Let’s make the obscuring tactics of “black box” product recommendation models a thing of the past. Choose transparency and show how each selection they make influences the products they’re shown—in real time. Knowing exactly why one product is better for you than another is a game changer for customer satisfaction.


value for money

Guide Them to Budget-Conscious Choices

Find a great product but it’s waaaay out of your budget? Customers hate that. Instead, help yours make smarter choices by showing them how their answers to simple questions impact the final price, guiding them to their ideal price range. Forget misunderstandings; make your customers feel good about where their money’s going.


55% Revenue Boost: Bike Mid-Market

Ramala, a retailer with 25 brands of bicycles, 7 brick-and-mortar stores, and an e-shop, which wasn't quite the guiding light for customers lost in choice. The narrative flipped with the launch of Outfindo's Product Guide, catalyzing a conversion rate boom.

Uplifting Revenue Despite The Off-Season

Radotín, boasting 17 bike brands and an advanced e-shop, felt the guidance gap. With Outfindo's Product Guide, they not only bridged the gap but saw a 24% revenue rocket and a swarm of confident buyers.

Just make it understandable

What language do you speak?

Speak Your Customers’ Language

If your customers need a dictionary to shop with you, you’re doing it wrong. We translate the Ph.D.-level technical jargon on your product pages into something more useful, like how this camera makes your photos pop, or why this bike makes your rides smoother. You’d usually have to deep dive for this info—not anymore!

what makes outfindo fresher than the rest?

Nonlinear Mode

Don’t make ‘em sweat! In Nonlinear Mode, your customers can answer questions about topics that interest them first, then continue the conversation with topics they’re unsure about using pre-defined preferences. It’s a clever way to streamline the shopping process, and it even features advanced parameters like hiding brands or model years for a more focused experience.

Expert Mode

Got savvy shoppers? Expert Mode tailors the decision-making process by allowing users to respond to simple questions with precise values. This mode helps experts and novices alike, fully integrating into your product catalog. Unlike other solutions that hide their guides, ours is designed to be front and center, making it a comprehensive navigation tool for everyone.

Comparison Tool

When your customer just can’t decide between two great products, our innovative Comparison Tool is just the thing. It offers a seamless product comparison within our Product Guide—super valuable if you’re lacking this functionality to begin with. Simplify the decision-making process and enhance the shopping experience by letting your users directly compare your products.