How a Ski E-Shop Sky-Rocketed Revenues by 27%

Discover how Harfa Sport increased ski category revenue by 27% with Outfindo's intuitive Product Guide. Learn how simplifying ski selection enhances customer satisfaction and boosts conversion rates, transforming browsers into buyers.

Having the right skis is crucial—picking the wrong ones can have a huge impact on both your performance and your enjoyment on the slopes. But how can you be sure you’ve made the right choice?

The answer is to get your skis from a trusted e-shop that can guide you to the best product for you. Take HARFASPORT, for example, who simplified their selection process by deploying Outfindo’s Product Guide. Let’s get into it!

The Challenge: Navigating the Ski Selection Mountain

The biggest challenge HARFASPORT faced was that of how to guide their customers to the right skis. It’s not so easy, especially for novice customers with little to no experience. HARFASPORT found themselves in need of a simplified decision-making process for their catalog, which would in turn lead to greater customer satisfaction, ensuring that every skier could find the perfect skis for their needs.

The Solution: A More Engaging Approach

Enter Outfindo’s customer-centric Product Guide. Customers now answer relatable, human-like questions about their skiing habits. The results of these questions show customers which skis are right for them based on their ski styles rather than showing them a bunch of ambiguous technical specifications. All in all, this ensures a more intuitive and engaging selection process.

The Guide deployed on HARFASPORT’s e-shop also includes videos that help users identify their skiing styles, making it easier for all expertise levels to choose the best skis. After all, even the best skiers might not know the technical aspects of ski stiffness, but nearly anybody can recognize their skiing style through videos.

These features simplify the selection process and make it more enjoyable, increasing customer interaction—particularly when compared to traditional filters and search tools. How much of an increase? Thanks to the Product Guide, ski revenues rose by an impressive 27%, turning browsing customers into confident buyers.

Measuring User Behavior: Who and Why

With the deployment of our Guide in HARFASPORT’s digital storefront, we track various groups to better understand their shopping behaviors, including those who:

  • Navigate using the Product Guide
  • Use filters to refine their search
  • Don’t use navigation and simply browse

These groups interact with HARFASPORT’s e-shop in different ways and thus have different conversion rates. But which group has the highest conversion rates? Those who use the Product Guide! This shows the Guide’s effectiveness in simplifying the product selection process and boosting sales.

Product Guides and Skiing: A Dynamic Duo

What makes Outfindo’s Product Guide the perfect partner for the ski segment?

  1. Similar Designs, Diverse Specs: At first glance, most skis look similar, which is somewhat true as manufacturers often use the same design for different model lines. The important difference lies in a ski’s core composition, and even the most experienced skiers might not understand what that means.
  2. One Size Doesn't Fit All: It might sound strange, but what some consider “the best” pair of skis is unlikely to be the best for everyone. You might be looking for a pair of hard and fast racing skis, but your novice friend would struggle with such challenging skis.
  3. Performance Matching Is Key: Accurately assessing your customers’ skiing ability is crucial—more so than in nearly any other sport segment. Why? The wrong pair of skis is what can make or break a ski outing (and perhaps even a limb or two).
  4. Subjective Self-Assessment: While assessing ability is very important, it can also be highly subjective. That’s why we enhanced the Product Guide with interactive videos that help customers better understand and compare their skill level, ensuring an accurate self-assessment and the right end product.

Measuring the Impact: Simulating the Scenario

To accurately compare conversion rates and measure the impact of our Product Guide, we simulated a scenario without the Guide’s influence. We did this by using user distribution data from before implementation and applying the conversion rates from the Guide’s active period.

This method effectively removed Product Guide users from the data, allowing us to clearly demonstrate the impact of the Product Guide. It also eliminated seasonal surges, ensuring an accurate comparison between periods. The results? A notable 13% increase in overall conversion rates across all user groups.

The Result: Boosted Customer Engagement and Conversion Rates

Customers on HARFASPORT’s e-shop who used the Product Guide to find skis converted at significantly higher rates compared to the other user groups. Why? For one, the Guide simplifies the selection process by asking customers easy-to-answer, engaging questions that lead to straightforward product results. Increasing engagement this way also leads to more informed decisions and higher purchase rates. Herein lies our Product Guide’s advantage: It effortlessly helps customers choose the right product in a fun, informative way. The result? More sales!

Fight Seasonal Slumps

Had HARFASPORT not deployed our Product Guide, they would have had a 27% drop in revenue. Luckily for them, they not only experienced boosted conversion rates, but they also stabilized their seasonally fluctuating revenues with the Guide. HARFASPORT’s e-shop now guides customers to the best products for them thanks to tailored recommendations and a seamless user experience. They can expect consistent performance and growth, even during off-peak periods.

So join HARFASPORT in boosting their e-commerce performance with Outfindo’s Product Guide—an integral tool in sustaining and enhancing revenue streams. Try it for yourself today!