Acknowledging the need for a Product Guide is the first step. The next, more critical step is deciding which Product Guide to implement. This is where understanding the differences between leading platforms like Outfindo and Zoovu becomes pivotal. So what about you? Will you choose simplicity over complexity?

Why did our customers choose Outfindo over the competition?

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the integration challenge

Outfindo vs. Zoovu – What Sets Them Apart?

This choice could mean the difference between a seamless integration that boosts your sales effortlessly and a cumbersome process that demands extensive effort and resources. Let’s delve into what it takes to implement a Product Guide on your website, focusing on the distinct paths offered by Outfindo and Zoovu.

The Outfindo Approach: Effortless Plug and Play

Outfindo offers a plug-and-play model that’s not just designed for ease and efficiency; it’s practically ready to go before you can say “drive my sales through the roof.” If you choose Outfindo, the process is dramatically simplified. All you have to do is just:

  1. Upload your product feed: Provide a list of your products.
  2. Make yourself a coffee: Seriously, that’s the next step. By the time you’ve decided whether you’re a latte person or more of an espresso aficionado, we’ll have everything set up.
  3. Insert the code onto your website: Just embed a single line of code. If you’ve ever shared a YouTube video on social media, you’re overqualified for this step.
  4. Take a seat and enjoy your coffee: You’ve earned it. By now, the whole Product Guide is on your website, acting faster than it took for you to decide between a biscotti or a muffin with your coffee.

The Zoovu Route: A DIY Approach

Here’s what you’d need to do step by step—and also 13 Reasons Why Customers Switched to Outifndo:

  1. Upload your product feed: Begin by providing a comprehensive feed of your products.
  2. Acquire customer behavior data: Understand how your customers interact with your products online.
  3. Identify key decision-making parameters: Determine what factors influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.
  4. Map key parameters to customer needs: Align your product features with what your customers are looking for. How loud is this washing machine? This info is not always evident from technical specifications alone.
  5. Create guide questions: Develop questions that will guide your customers through the selection process.
  6. Formulate possible answers for each question: Provide answers that will help narrow down the product selection.
  7. Ensure all products have reliable data: Gather accurate and detailed information for each product. For example, suppose camera quality is a featured parameter in your guide. In that case, this detail must be consistently provided across all relevant products, which demands data quality and completeness.
  8. Enrich and interpret the data: Add value to the data collected by providing insights and interpretations. For example, a bike’s specification might list ‘Shimano Dura-Ace’ as its shifter type. Without context, customers might not know if this indicates a high-end component or a basic one. It’s like translating technical specifications into a language customers easily understand.
  9. Map product data to guide answers: Align your product information with the answers provided in the guide.
  10. Complete questions with full texts and expert insights: Make your guide comprehensive by including detailed explanations and professional advice.
  11. Insert the code onto your website: Embed the Product Guide into your site.
  12. Maintain up-to-date product data: Regularly update your product information to keep the guide accurate.
  13. Evaluate and optimize the guide flow: Continuously improve the guide based on performance and customer feedback. Zoovu does offer AI self-optimization to assist in this process.
1 month free trial

Still Hesitant? Try it first, decide later

Outfindo offers an immediate, no-commitment trial that lets you experience the benefits firsthand within minutes, not hours. Unlike Zoovu, where you’re faced with extensive setup work and upfront costs before even seeing results, Outfindo invites you to try plug-and-play solution free for 1 month. This trial is designed to demonstrate our solution’s impact on your sales and customer engagement with minimal effort on your part.