Our partner’s stories


Ramala, a retailer with 25 brands of bicycles, 7 brick-and-mortar stores, and an e-shop, which wasn't quite the guiding light for customers lost in choice. The narrative flipped with the launch of Outfindo's Product Guide, catalyzing a conversion rate boom.

Story of Ramala

Ski & Bike Centrum Radotín

Radotín, boasting 17 bike brands and an advanced e-shop, felt the guidance gap. With Outfindo's Product Guide, they not only bridged the gap but saw a 24% revenue rocket and a swarm of confident buyers.

Story of Ski a Bike Centrum Radotín

Together with our partners, we embarked on a mission to unlock the latent potential in their existing online traffic. The outcome? An immediate and consistent business impact that stands tall against seasonal variations.

25-55% higher revenue
Let’s take a closer look at the metrics: Our partners witnessed an outstanding rise in total revenue, with figures dancing between 25-55%. What fueled this growth? Tapping into a new audience—customers overwhelmed by choices.
The solution
The catalyst for this transformation is our Product Guide. This innovative tool served as a compass for this lost segment of customers, guiding them through the storm of indecision to the shores of confident purchases.
Turning browsers into buyers
Our narrative unfolds as you delve deeper into each case study, unveiling the transformative journey from mere browsers to decisive buyers. Each tale is a testament to the symbiotic success we and our partners achieved, painting a vivid picture of sales upswing and customer empowerment.