Ski a Bike Centrum Radotín is a partner with 7600 SKU-s situated in the Czech Republic. They have one Brick-and-Mortar store and a large e-shop hosting a versatile lineup of 17 reputable brands with a generously stocked inventory. They faced an issue where they went through a seasonal decline in recent months.

24% revenue increase thanks to better guidance

Radotín launched the Outfindo Product Guide late in their bike sales season, unsure of the difference it would make in the slower months. Guess what! It did, and fast! The Product Guide helped confused customers understand what they wanted, leading to better sales. Even during the off-season, Radotín recorded an average revenue increase of 24% within four months of using the Product Guide, filling their off-season gap!

All eyes on the customers

Before the Outfindo Product Guide, Radotín catered effectively to two main customer groups: decisive shoppers, who knew exactly what they were looking for and went for it, and curious browsers, who navigated via the site’s filters to refine their choices. With the introduction of our Product Guide, there was a significant shift in customer engagement. The percentage of customers using some form of guidance soared. Why? Because now both groups of customers were using the new-and-improved navigation.

From filters to full guidance

Even though 40% of Radotín’s customers were already using the site’s filters when searching for specific bikes in categories (mountain bikes, road bikes, etc.), adding the Outfindo Product Guide made a big difference. After implementation, the overall percentage of guided customers soared to 58%, with 30% of them still using filters and 28% now using the Product Guide. This doesn’t only signify an increase in guided customers; it also means higher conversion rates and a noticeable boost in revenue.

Even if a website’s filters work well, using the Outfindo Product Guide can still attract more customers and boost business.

The Challenge

Ski a Bike Centrum Radotín effectively served decisive shoppers and curious browsers, but they struggled to assist customers overwhelmed by choices. Recognizing the potential to narrow seasonal gaps, Radotín aimed to engage this untapped customer segment.

The Success

The introduction of Outfindo’s Product Guide was the key to success. With more customers using the guide over traditional filters, Radotín saw increased profits from their existing traffic, demonstrating a clear customer preference for the clarity provided by our guided selling solution.