Market leading E-Commerce Player Boosts Conversion Rate by 40%: Discover How!

Discover how inSPORTline boosted its e-bike conversion rates by 40% with Outfindo's Product Guide. Learn how simplifying the selection process can transform web traffic into sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

Choosing from 686 of anything can be daunting, especially if you don’t even know where to begin. That was the problem inSPORTline faced with their immense catalog of bikes and e-bikes: Customers, especially new riders, felt overwhelmed.

What’s an e-shop to do? Simplify the selection process and boost customer confidence. Let’s get into it!

The Challenge: Huge Traffic, No Conversions

Despite generating substantial web traffic and having a vast selection of bikes and e-bikes, inSPORTline failed to convert customers. Why? Because customers struggled to navigate the sea of bike choices and couldn’t find the right one, resulting in abandoned searches and jumping ship to other sites—such as competitors’ or manufacturers’— or marketplaces. Potential buyers turned into lost opportunities, reducing inSPORTline’s market share and bottom line.

Typical journey of the lost customer

The Solution: Keep It Simple

By implementing Outfindo’s Product Guide, inSPORTline was able to simplify their product selection process. Soon after, they saw an uptick in customer engagement. How big of an uptick? A whopping 40% increase in conversion rates—with the same amount of traffic!

Asking simple, targeted questions, our Product Guide makes it easier for inSPORTline’s customers to navigate their huge selection of bikes, while the clear answers the Guide provides help users understand complex specifications. As a result, customers are able to make informed decisions without needing to search for answers (or buy these products) elsewhere.

Customer-centric questions, clear answers.

Measuring User Behavior: Who and Why

With the deployment of our Guide in inSPORTline’s digital storefront, we track various groups to better understand their shopping behaviors, including those who:

  • Navigate using the Product Guide
  • Use filters to refine their search
  • Don’t use navigation and simply browse

These groups interact with inSPORTline’s e-shop in different ways and thus have different conversion rates. Want to guess which group has the highest conversion rates? The users who use the Product Guide, of course, thus proving its effectiveness in simplifying the product selection process and thereby boosting sales.

The Impact: Significant Revenue Growth, Better Customer Experience

Even though their traffic remained the same, inSPORTline’s conversion rates grew significantly thanks to the integration of the Product Guide. So, too, grew the monthly revenues of the bike and e-bike categories.

And this isn’t just a seasonal sales fluctuation—the rise in conversions shows the effectiveness of a customer-centric approach. So if you’re looking to transform your every consumer interaction into a conversion opportunity, you might want to check out our Product Guides.

Conversion Rates: Differences Between Groups

Customers who use the Product Guide to find e-bikes have significantly higher conversion and engagement rates compared to others in this sector. To be precise, their conversion rate is 2.5 times higher than for those who use only filters to refine their e-bike search.

It’s clear that the Product Guide effectively engages customers by asking them simple, answerable questions. This makes the product selection process more enjoyable and straightforward. Higher engagement leads to customers making better decisions, which results in more purchases. The power of the Product Guide is clear: It helps customers choose the right product effortlessly.

Measuring the Impact: Simulating the Scenario

To accurately measure the impact of our Product Guide, we simulated a scenario in which the Guide was not used during the same period in which it was active. We did this by using the user share from before implementation, assuming user distribution remained the same. From this data, we then discovered who relied only on filters and who relied only on search. We then assigned conversion rates to these groups.

This method effectively removed Product Guide users from the data, allowing us to clearly demonstrate the impact of the Product Guide. It also eliminated seasonal surges as we used the same time period (and also the same groups of users in the Czech Republic that visited inSPORTline before the Guide was deployed).

The Result: Same Period, Different Performance

The result? A significant uplift in conversion rates brought on by the Guide’s implementation. The overall data—from both reality and the modeled scenario—demonstrated that our Product Guide nearly doubled conversion rates.

Customers who use the Product Guide convert nearly 2.5 times more than customers who only use filters (or no navigation at all). And that says it all: Our Product Guide helps enhance user experience, boosting confidence and sales, proving its value in transforming traffic into conversions.

So join inSPORTline in boosting their e-commerce performance with Outfindo’s Product Guide—an integral tool in sustaining and enhancing revenue streams. Try it for yourself today!